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A warning from officials, crash survivor after street racing accident lands child in hospital

Posted at 9:26 PM, Feb 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-19 23:26:10-05

PROVO, Utah — A street-racing crash in Provo sent a little girl to the hospital over the weekend.

Investigators with the Utah Highway Patrol believe the racing was between two drivers who didn't know each other prior to the crash.

"It is an issue, an ongoing issue that we're doing our best to combat," said Cpl. Derek Shelby.

A Subaru WRX and a Dodge Charger were racing southbound on I-15 when the Subaru lost control right before the main exit to Provo.

"It can be life and death circumstances. Especially at the rates of speeds if you are racing," said Shelby.

Shelby said the sports car hit both concrete barriers. Everyone inside the vehicle went to the hospital, including a four-year-old girl who wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

The driver of the Subaru was arrested on outstanding warrants and booked into the Utah County Jail.

"We don't want it to happen ever, but we especially don't want it involving any type of children," he said.

Mark Haley knows the risks of racing. He barely survived a fiery crash six years ago. He suffered third-degree burns on 45% of his body and doctors had to amputate his right fingers and left hand.

"I remember being at the starting line. I remember the starting lights. I remember accelerating, shifting the gears, and nothing after that," he said.

Haley's crash took place on an organized drag racing legal raceway in Tucson.

"If a person wants to go see what their car can do, go do it on a professional track. Don't do it on the streets," he said.

Haley has yet to race since, but dreams to do it this year.

He said there are many risks on the road, already. He added that choosing to street race – especially with children – is another layer of irresponsibility.

"Why exacerbate the risk factor by doing something dumb and illegal and you've got children in the car and there's people all around you? Don't take chances like that," he said.