Two new chapters for July 2021

In the last couple of days I’ve had two new book chapters published. Here are the references:

Lowe, R. J. & Mizukura, R. (2021). Japan: Forms and Functions of Shadow Education. In Y. C. Kim, & J. H. Jung (Eds.), Theorizing shadow education and academic success in East Asia: Understanding the meaning, value, and use of shadow education by East Asian students. (pp.122-140).Routledge.

Lowe, R. J., Schaefer, M. & Turner, M. (2021). Uncovering diverse perspectives and responses to working with English learners with special educational needs. In D. Banegas, G. Beacon, & M. Berbain (Eds.), International perspectives on diversity in ELT. (pp.229-245) Palgrave Macmillan.

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