Two new papers on podcasting

This month I have two new publications, co-authored with my colleagues Matthew Turner and Matthew Schaefer, with whom I produce the TEFLology Podcast.

Paper 1: Dialogic research engagement through podcasting

Publication Cover

The first paper has the slightly unwieldy title of “Dialogic research engagement through podcasting as a step towards action research: A collaborative autoethnography of teachers exploring their knowledge and practice.” The paper is part of a special issue of the journal Educational Action Research on ‘Connecting Research and Practice for Professionals and Communities’ edited by Sal Consoli and Kenan Dikilitaş. This paper was actually published online in an advanced access form earlier this year, but has now been placed in an issue. Here is the abstract:

Research engagement and exploratory dialogue are central to forms of practitioner inquiry such as action research, in particular with regard to developing conceptual knowledge before action. Recently, practitioners have started engaging with technology such as podcasts as a way to facilitate opportunities for these focused interactions to take place. Framing this dialogue as a knowledge building activity, this paper uses a collaborative autoethnography method to explore the authors’ own experiences using a podcasting project to engage with research, and then enter into exploratory dialogues with one another. By reflecting on and analysing representative extracts from their ongoing podcasting project, the authors attempt to pinpoint how research engagement and exploratory dialogue through podcasting contributed to developments in thought and understanding around theoretical and pedagogical concepts related to ELT and applied linguistics. The authors hope that this paper will add credence to the use of podcasting as an option for language teachers’ independent professional development by demonstrating how the medium can support practitioners’ dialogic and collaborative reflection on theoretical and practical topics in the field, and the resultant effects of these activities on classroom practice.

Here is a link to the paper:

Here is the reference data: Lowe, R. J., Turner, M., & Schaefer, M. (2021). Dialogic research engagement through podcasting as a step towards action research: A collaborative autoethnography of teachers exploring their knowledge and practice. Educational Action Research, 29(3), 429-446. DOI: 10.1080/09650792.2021.1908905

Paper 2: Teacher Development through Podcast Engagement


The second paper is based on our presentation at the JALT 2021 National Convention, and is published in the post conference proceedings Communities of Teachers & Learners. The paper is titled “Teacher Development through Podcast Engagement.” Here is the abstract:

Professional development and community engagement are important parts of maintaining commitment in language teaching. Podcasting is emerging as a form of professional development and engagement with the English language teaching community, both through the production of podcasts themselves, and through participation as listeners. Drawing upon our experiences of creating a podcast, together with an examination of other podcasts in the field, this practically oriented paper will document and identify a range of innovative ways through which engagement with podcasts, by both producers and listeners, can contribute to teacher development. This paper will highlight how podcasts can instigate opportunities for reflective inquiry, aid communities of practice, and support efforts to negotiate practical and theoretical knowledge. After providing a definition of podcasts as a media format and describing their status in the language teaching field, the paper considers professional development opportunities which may be afforded by engagement with podcasts.

Here is a link to the paper:

Here is the reference data: Turner, M., Schaefer, M. & Lowe, R. J. (2021). Teacher development through podcast engagement. In P. Clements, R. Derrah, & R. Gentry (Eds.), Communities of teachers & learners. (pp.53-60). Tokyo: JALT. DOI: 10.37546/JALTPCP2020-07

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