Native-speakerism, race, and representation at ELT conferences

My latest paper, co-authored with Marek Kiczkowiak, has just been published in the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. In the paper we analysed ten of the largest ELT conferences in Europe over a ten year period, and examined the balance of ‘native’/’non native speaker’ representation among their plenary speakers. We also interviewed a number ofContinue reading “Native-speakerism, race, and representation at ELT conferences”

Two new papers on podcasting

This month I have two new publications, co-authored with my colleagues Matthew Turner and Matthew Schaefer, with whom I produce the TEFLology Podcast. Paper 1: Dialogic research engagement through podcasting The first paper has the slightly unwieldy title of “Dialogic research engagement through podcasting as a step towards action research: A collaborative autoethnography of teachersContinue reading “Two new papers on podcasting”

Two new chapters for July 2021

In the last couple of days I’ve had two new book chapters published. Here are the references: Lowe, R. J. & Mizukura, R. (2021). Japan: Forms and Functions of Shadow Education. In Y. C. Kim, & J. H. Jung (Eds.), Theorizing shadow education and academic success in East Asia: Understanding the meaning, value, and useContinue reading “Two new chapters for July 2021”

New paper and chapter

Back in May I published a paper titled “Dialogic research engagement through podcasting as a step towards action research: A collaborative autoethnography of teachers exploring their knowledge and practice” along with my TEFLology Co-hosts Matthew Schaefer and Matthew Turner in the journal Educational Action Research. Here’s the abstract: Research engagement and exploratory dialogue are centralContinue reading “New paper and chapter”

New paper in Language, Culture, and Curriculum

My latest paper has just been published online early access in the journal Language, Culture and Curriculum. Here is the abstract: Critical English language teaching (ELT) research is expanding in scope, covering topics such as linguistic imperialism, native-speakerism, and the intersections between issues of race, class, and gender. With this expansion comes a requirement for robustContinue reading “New paper in Language, Culture, and Curriculum”